Risk of Rain 2 Mods handy guide | bests mods available so far

Risk of rain 2 has plenty of mods, that can enhance your gaming experience, but it doesn’t have Stream Workshop support. As now Roguelike has released its 1.0 patch, mod developers are working on providing new skins, characters, and entirely new features to the game. We recommend you to download Risk of Rain 2 mods from Thunderstore.io.

Risk of rain 2 developers are working continuously to sync the game according to the mods. With patch 1.0, the Risk of rain 2 game developers has added a bit of code to check for mods to make it easy for players to play with friends using the same mods.

For modding, you will need the following APIs, If you are downloading any mod you will depend on one or more of these to work.

  • R2API
  • BepInExPack
  • RyanSkinAPI
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Risk of rain 2 mods that seem promising so far.

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Risk of Rain 2 useful mods

These Risk of Rain 2 mods will provide some changes to the gameplay that you might find useful. They don’t change the game or mechanics completely, but they do give a helping hand in a few areas. These mods are for those who want something different in their runs.

1. ShareSuite Mod

  1. This mod is great if you are playing multiplayer with your friends.
  2. In this mod, when you pick up loot, everyone gets a copy of that item.
  3. Money goes in a shared pool; However, you can still use recyclers without any effect on anyone’s inventory.
  4. To maintain the balance, the game gives an option to set it so that everyone gets white-tier items, but rarer reds and boss items are exclusive to whoever picks them first.
  5. If you want to stop fighting with your teammates over valuable items. It is a dream come true for you.

2. RainCoat

  1. RainCoat contains a collection of features and improvements for the game.
  2. This mod can change everything in the game according to your likings.
  3. Some of its features include changing location pings, item drops, and even a starter pack.
  4. In RainCoat, you can mix things up without making a drastic change.

3. First-Person Mod

  1. In First-Person Mod, you can play Risk of Rain 2 in FPS mode.
  2. The Mod simply makes the game render in First-Person Perspective.
  3. Due to asset issues and model constraints, you can’t see player weapons.

4. EmptyChestsBeGone

  1. Opening chests and having the useless box lay around is such a minor disturbance.
  2.  In EmptyChestsBeGone mod, once the chests are open it removes the opened chests to clear the clutter in the game.
  3. It helps to find the closed chests instead of finding the open chests again and again.
  4. It is super useful in the multiplayer mode and is highly recommended to save your teammates the trouble of finding empty chests.

5. Faster 3D Printers

  1. 3D printers take so much time to create items that we can use in actually playing the game.
  2. Faster 3D Printers create items instantaneously, saving the time that you’d usually have.
  3. It enables rapid interaction, to allow you to quickly pop by a 3D printer while being chased by several enemies.

6. Infinite Chance

  1. Infinite Chance is for those who have ended a level, seen a Shrine of Chance nearby, and wanted to gamble on it but can’t. Because you have wasted everything you had on gambling already.
  2. Infinite Chance simply increases your chance of winning every time you fail.
  3. It also gives the ability to mess with the cost modifier to change the cost to 0.

7. SkillsPlusPlus

  1. SkillsPlusPlus turns Risk of Rain 2 into a more progression focused game.
  2. With this mod, you can earn points that can be used to power up your skills individually.
  3. This mod makes the game easy and fun to play.

8. RoRCheats(Risk of Rain cheats)

  1. RoRCheats aka Risk of Rain Cheats has a menu of cheats in it.
  2. This mod gets you to bypass the game’s restrictions with infinite skills.
  3. It also gives you money, increased damage, experience, and some other advantages.
  4. You have to check the option before using it. So, you can play fare if you want.

9. Increase Huntress Range

  1. As the name suggests, this mod is only for the huntress.
  2. It increases the survivor’s range every time it levels up.
  3. There is also an option to enable the god mode, allowing the range to cover the entire map.
  4. The second option is fun for a couple of matches, but it will cheapen the game if you keep using it.

10. Diluvian Difficulty

  1. If you find Risk of Rain 2 easy to play, then Diluvian Difficulty is for you.
  2. Its unique features include scaling difficulty up by 75% and taking the survivor’s health regeneration down by 60%.
  3. If any player manages to complete the game in this mode will unlock another harder difficulty.
  4. The additional mode is said to be so hard that the game becomes nearly unplayable.

11. Classic Items

  1. If you loved the classic Risk of Rain, then this Classic Items mod is for you.
  2. It includes items from the first Risk of Rain that didn’t make through the sequel.
  3. Many items are added in this mod, beware, some of them may lead to silly runs that you will not be able to complete due to laughing so hard that you cry.

12. StartingItemsGUI

  1. In Risk of Rain 2, there are a lot of characters and items to unlock. and you always start your run with nothing in your pocket.
  2. This mod solves this problem by introducing a different approach.
  3. It introduces money that you can use to buy an item you like outside of a run.
  4. You can choose whether those items are permanent unlocks or purchases that you have to make every time to retain some of the challenges.

13. ProperSave

As the name suggests ProperSave saves the game when you exit Risk of Rain 2. So, when you come back you will be in the same run instead of keeping your computer running overnight.

14. NoBossNoWait

  1. NoBossNoWait mod makes a teleporter charge whenever a boss is killed.
  2. This mod is useful if you want to save time on the run.

15. ItemStatsMod

  1. ItemStats Mod shows the basic information about the items.
  2. To see the item stats, you have to hover over the item.

16. Buff Plus

The Buff Plus is very simple it just adds a timer to buffs.

Risk of Rain 2 Playable Survivors

There are several Risk of Rain 2 Playable Survivor mods. It was hard to sort them out to just some interesting or unbroken ones. This small collection is what I’d recommend.

1. Sniper

  1. Sniper mod features one of the original characters from the original Risk of rain.
  2. As the name suggests sniper takes down enemies from distance.
  3. In the beginning, Sniper didn’t make it through the game because of game balance and its abilities.
  4. But now you can play with Sniper by using the Sniper Mod.

2. Lemurian

  1. Lemurians is actually a returning enemy in the Risk of Rain 2. They are the first enemies to spawn in a stage, alongside Beetles.
  2. In Risk of Rain 2 Lemurian mod, Lemurian itself is a playable character.
  3. It has a full ability set entirely based around its attacks.
  4. Its ability includes shooting flames out of the mouth.
  5. Its special ability is to stack enough flame hits on its enemies to grow up into an elder Lemurian to use some special skills.
  6. This mod has gone through a lot of iteration to work out the balance and to fix bugs.

3. Aatrox

  1. Aatrox is one of the most popular mods of Risk of Rain 2.
  2. This mod adds a new character in the game similar to one in the league of legends champion.
  3. Aatrox plays quite differently for other survivors.
  4. It uses his health to deal massive damage with his blood price ability.
  5. He survives by using his Bloodthirst ability, allowing him to heal and become a good melee survivor.
  6. The new character has a complete set of complex, Devilish, and May Cry-inspired melee combo attacks.
  7. This mod is for those, who want a more involved character to play in the game.
  8. Aatrox story: Aatrox is known as a violent and notorious crime lord whose name is featured in the criminal underworld. He is also disfigured by Ora abuse. Seeking to purge the substance from his body. He has killed many temple priests to draw out Karma. Who he believes will finally heal him.

4. The Mentalist

  1. This survivor has definite Eastern mythology feel to it.
  2. The Mentalist’s survivor can create auras of energy to damage enemies.
  3. It has a unique ability to erratically shift his direction in any way you define.
  4. The Mentalist is quite a difficult survivor to play as. 

5. The Maniac

  1. The Maniac is genuinely crazy. This survivor will prove to be more dangerous to himself than its enemies.
  2. His one ability is to detonate his fusion core, which causes a massive explosion that decimates the field and kills him.
  3. My only advice is to play with caution and a team that is willing to help you in intense situations.

6. The Necro

  1. Necro is a necromance, but it feels like an Iron Man.
  2. This survivor makes a small climate storm to wipe out enemies with his hands of energy. 

7. The Puppeteer

  1. The puppeteer has a combination of abilities from other survivors.
  2. It is not as impressive as others like the Sniper.
  3. It will mix things up for old players.

8. Chip the Beetle

  1. Chip the Beetle is another mod featuring a mad character.
  2. Unfortunately, this mod is not available for multiplayer.
  3. Chip the beetle uses his body parts as weapons like head buts and jumps around like a bouncing ball.

9. RonaldHuntress

  1. This mode just makes you look like Ronald McDonald.
  2. There is nothing more in this mode but it is fun to play like Ronald McDonald.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods Just for Fun

These Risk of Rain 2 mods are good for one or two runs, but they won’t improve or help you in any run. Still, they are good if you are bored with the original game.

1. Show Death Cause

  1. Show Death Cause is for teams who regularly play together.
  2. Every time you die will be highlighted to your friends. (please don’t die embarrassingly).
  3. It just develops an incentive not to die in a dumb way more than anything.

2. Silly Items

  1. The Silly mod focuses on some ridiculous items.
  2. It messes up the rules for item stacks.
  3. Its results look like what you’d expect every Fallout protagonist does when they are over-encumbered.

3. Thiccify

  1. Thiccify is not for everyone, but it serves a purpose.
  2. Its features include removing the skirt from Artificer and the scarf from Huntress.
  3. Thiccify also makes both Artificer and Huntress thicker.

4. AnnoyingFilter

  1. Annoying Filter mod removes the screen filter when you use tonic or brain stock’s activation.
  2. This mode simply removes the blue haze and fog change, making the gameplay much more enjoyable.

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Hamas Sohail

Hamas is a technology enthusiast. He likes to use new gadgets. In his free time he likes to play games. Unlike others he doesn't have any one favorite game, he likes all games and he says that, "Every game teaches you something new". he thinks, "All I am today is because of his techmazia.com readers". He loves his loyal community. Thanks to all techmazia readers

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