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Video games had a good beginning, like someone playing Pong in the 1970s on Brown Box (made by Ralph Baer) can tell you. Then after Pong, Sega and Taito took an oath to bring Arcade gaming into the market.

From those humble roots, gaming has emerged as the dominant form of cultural and artistic expression in the 21st century. It is a place where art competes with the demand of commerce, where large multiplayer games can stand side-by-side with the small independent vision, and where technology blends seamlessly with creativity.

Now, we have consoles made just for gaming, PCs designed for gaming, Mobiles that can handle high graphics games, VR consoles that are like playing in a real 3D world, and many more technologies to come. Who would have thought it possible back in the 1970s?

That’s why Techmazia has taken an oath to provide information about these games as fast as possible.

I believe that gaming deserves writing that matches its vitality and creativity. I don’t like to share information that everyone else is sharing, instead, I like to provide more in-depth and expert-driven content.

  • Reviews: I don’t tell you if the game is Awesome nor do I provide any spoilers about the storyline, because I want you to experience playing it. I think games review should be just like Film criticism, and that’s what I like to go for.
  • Original Insights: As the gaming industry is so diverse, so I try to let you know where it is going. From technological changes to business shakeups, I try to keep you updated on what matters most.
  • Informed Analysis: I am a gamer, programmer, and industry insider; therefore, I always try to convey my views as professionally as I possibly can, in return giving you broader insights than you will find anywhere else. (but my language barrier may sometimes come in between However, it never stopped me from communicating my humble thoughts with you).
  • Thoughtful discussions: My opinions are not the last words, rather they are just the beginning. I want to generate fun, interesting, and troll-free discussions of gaming and games.

I am passionate about gaming. I love gaming and want to share my passion with you and hope to create a space where you would like to share your thoughts. I love the history of gaming and can’t wait to see where it would take us next. I am excited to share a brand of thoughtful and informed opinions with you.

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