There is no game: Jam Edition 2015 Step-by-step Walkthrough guide and some amazing facts and secrets. 2

There is no game: Jam Edition 2015 Step-by-step Walkthrough guide and some amazing facts and secrets.

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“There is no game” is a short funny and interesting puzzle. It is available to play online at the “cool math games” website. This game checks user thinking and decision-making power with secret clues, which lead to different endings. It is very difficult to play puzzles like this. So, it’s always a good idea to take a little sneak-a-peak in “there is no game” walkthrough. But, I will not share screen-shots to not ruin your whole puzzle experience.

This post is also a review, secrets, facts, walkthrough guide, and a little introduction to it’s second part.

How to beat the game there is no game (walkthrough guide)

There is no game: Jam Edition 2015 Step-by-step Walkthrough guide and some amazing facts and secrets. 3

Starting of there is no game walkthrough

Welcome to there is no game’s walk-through part. Please Follow these steps to beat the game. 

  • Click the “O” from “NO” to drop it. Then drag the “O” 10 times to bring the mute button.
  • Click the mute button twice until it jumps around the screen and then click once after that.
  • Then destroy the wooden protection of the mute button by dragging “O” and dropping on it.
  • The drag and drop the metal box once to drop the whole title. Which reveal two screws.
  • Undo the screws by clicking on them.
  • Now complete the letter “GAME” to enter the game.

Playing the minigame part

  • Play the game by using mouse to drag and release the platform.
  • The ball will be destroyed. Don’t worry, just drag the ball on left into the game.
  • Play it until you destroy all the bricks.

“Save the goat, save the game”

  • Hold the trophy and go to the right side of the screen.
  • Use the letters to spell out “GOAT”.
  • Click the arrow to move the right side of screen.
  • Then go back to left side of screen. You will see a key fly by squirrel on the screen.
  • Now, use the letters to spell out “TREE”. The tree will appear.
  • Fill the trophy by water fall from the right side of screen (The goat one).
  • Now drop the trophy on the tree to grow it. Fill and drop trophy three times.

The end

  • Click the arrow at the top of the screen to move to the top screen
  • Now, click the brown nut on right of the tree until it drops.
  • Then drag and release the metal box onto the nut to crack it.
  • After that, Hold the nut and drag it back to squirrel to feed it. The squirrel will release the key.
  • Then, return back to title screen and then return back to goat screen with the key and use it to open the goat cage.
  • At last continue as the narrator say, click “yes” or “no” and end it.

Congratulation you have beaten the game.

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Who created this game?

It was created by Kamizoto in 2015 on the Construct 2 game development platform. It was entered into a competition called Deception jam. It won the competition due to originality and innovation on a traditional puzzle games. Both the personality and sense of humor of a developer is shown through narrations throughout the game.

There is no game 2: wrong dimension

This is an outcome to first part. Recently, Kamizoto has been putting out teasers and hinting at possible play-testing, indicating that the release may be close. This game will be the same classic puzzle with a different story. After “there is no game’s” success, hopefully it’s second part will also be a success of Kamizoto.

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Some key points and facts

There are several interesting references in the “there is no game” are.

  • The repeated mention of goat refers to a wildly popular game of that time: Goat Simulator.
  • When the narrator says, “Save the goat, save the game” this is a reference to a quote from popular series “Heroes”. “Save the cheerleader, save the world”.
  • The classic arcade game Breakout is used within the game.
  • There is also a Star Wars reference in the credits: “These are not the droids you are looking for.”
  • The narrator says “The goat was a lie”. This is taken from the quote “The cake is a lie,” and is now become an internet meme.


It may not offer a ton of replay value, but that first journey is an absolute pleasure. Fortunately for gamers who fell in love with the first installment, rumor has it that the sequel There Is No Game: the Wrong Dimension may be released in the not-too-distant future.

Whether you’re killing time on your lunch break or just looking for a fun puzzler that’s easily digestible, it is guaranteed to make you crack a grin. It’s not the most polished or in-depth puzzle, and that’s just fine. What it does, it does extremely well.

One of the coolest aspects of it is that you don’t need an ultra-beefed-up PC or console to play it. It’s perfect for passionate gamers and casual dabblers alike, thanks to its user-friendly barrier of entry.

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