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Today we have an item, which is identified as a building for human habitation with walls and a roof.

Yes, you guess it right.

We are talking about a House and How to make House in Little Alchemy 2?

How to make House in Little Alchemy 2? with the house icon in the middle of the image.
How to make House in Little Alchemy 2?

In Little Alchemy 2, House is a useful item as it helps us to make other crucial items in the hierarchy of items in Little Alchemy 2.

All combinations to make House in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Container + Family = House: A family needs a house to live in.
  • Container + Fireplace = House: A fireplace is usually found in a house.
  • Human + Wall = House: Humans build walls to make a house.
  • Tool + Wall = House: The tool used on walls makes the house.
  • Wall + Wall = House: A house has multiple walls.

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How to make House in Little Alchemy 2? (Walkthrough)

We can make a House by combining 2 items, in the scope of this post, we will combine 2x walls to make a house. You can pick the combination you like from the combinations mentioned above.

There are a total of 5 combinations to make a House in little alchemy 2, however; in this post, we will make House by making a wall first, then we will combine 2x walls to make a House.

Make Wall

We will make Wall by combining 2x stones.

Full recipe to make Wall in Little Alchemy 2
Full recipe to make Wall in Little Alchemy 2
  1. Earth + Fire = Lava: Lava Spits out of the earth.
  2. Air + Lava = Stone: Air-cooled lava makes the stone.
  3. Stone + Stone = Wall: 2x stones make the wall.

Finally, Make the House

Now we have the Wall, infuse 2x wall to make a House.

Full recipe to make House in Little Alchemy 2
Full recipe to make House in Little Alchemy 2
  • Wall + Wall = House: A collection of walls makes the house.

What can you make with House in Little Alchemy 2?

After making House, you can make 54 additional items. The combination and the item are mentioned in the table below.

AnthillHouse + Ant
BakeryHouse + Baker
House + Bread
House + Cake
House + Donut
BankHouse + Gold
House + Money
House + Safe
House + Vault
BarnHouse + Cow
House + Farm
House + Field
House + Goat
House + Hay
House + Livestock
House + Sheep
BBQHouse + Campfire
BeehiveHouse + Bee
BirdhouseHouse + Bird
CageHouse + Hamster
CastleHouse + Knight
House + Monarch
House + Vampire
House + Warrior
CaveHouse + Bat
House + Fox
House + Lion
House + Wolf
Chicken CoopHouse + Chicken
ChimneyHouse + Fireplace
House + Chimney
ContainerHouse + Philosophy
DamHouse + Beaver
DoghouseHouse + Dog
House + Husky
DomovoiHouse + Elf
House + Goblin
House + Monster
FactoryHouse + Chimney
House + Tool
FamilyHouse + Human
FarmHouse + Barn
House + Farmer
House + Tractor
FireplaceHouse + Campfire
FirestationHouse + Firefighter
House + Firetruck
FloodHouse + River
House + Tsunami
GarageHouse + Ambulance
House + Bus
House + Car
House + Electric Car
House + Ice Cream Truck
House + Motorcycle
House + RV
House + Sleigh
House + Snowmobile
House + Tractor
GardenHouse + Flower
House + Plant
Gingerbread HouseHouse + Cake
House + Cookie Dough
House + Cookie
House + Donut
House + Dough
House + Gingerbread Man
HangarHouse + Airplane
House + Helicopter
House + Rocket
House + Seaplane
House + Spaceship
HeavenHouse + Good
HellHouse + Demon
House + Evil
House + Hellhound
HospitalHouse + Ambulance
House + Doctor
House + Sickness
IglooHouse + Cold
House + Ice
House + Snow
House + Snowman
LawnHouse + Grass
LibraryHouse + Book
LighthouseHouse + Light
House + Spotlight
Log CabinHouse + Wood
Mount OlympusHouse + Dionysus
House + Poseidon
House + Vulcan
House + Zeus
MouseHouse + Cheese
NestHouse + Bird
Pirate ShipHouse + Pirate
Post OfficeHouse + Letter
House + Mailman
RestaurantHouse + Cook
RuinsHouse + Time
RVHouse + Bus
House + Car
SiloHouse + Wheat
SkyscraperHouse + Big
House + Cloud
House + Sky
Space StationHouse + Atmosphere
House + Space
Swimming PoolHouse + Lake
House + Swimmer
TentHouse + Fabric
TrainyardHouse + Train
TreehouseHouse + Tree
ValhallaHouse + Thor
House + Valkyrie
VillageHouse + Bakery
House + Container
House + House
WagonHouse + Cart
WindmillHouse + Wind
All items you can make with House.

Facts about House in Little Alchemy 2

  1. You can make a House in 4 steps.
  2. We can make 54 additional items with the House.
  3. You can make House through 5 different combinations.
  4. The difficulty level to make House in Little Alchemy 2 is Easy.

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