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Humans are the most intelligent species on the planet Earth, we are capable of making tools and helping us and everyone around us in different jobs. We dominate this planet even though we are not as powerful as many other species but we are capable to defeat many through the power of intelligence. So, today we will use our ability to answer the question of How to make Human in little alchemy 2.

How to make a Human in Little Alchemy 2? With Human Icon in the middle
How to make Human in Little Alchemy 2? Easy Recipe

We will first make clay and life, then develop a human.

At last, we will see different items to further construct with the help of humans.

All Combinations to Make Human in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is an educational game, where an item can be created with the help of many different combinations, but some combinations can overlap with another like one combination to make a Human is an Animal with a tool but you need a human to make tool and tool to make human if you follow it. Some combinations of making humans in little alchemy 2 are mentioned below:

  1. Clay and Life to make Human.
  2. Animal and Time to make Human
  3. Monkey and Time to make Human
  4. Monkey and Tool to make Human

Items Required to make Human in Little Alchemy 2

We require 12 items in 13 combinations to acquire Human, The difficulty level as compared to other items in Little Alchemy 2 is Easy. The items required to make Human are the following:

How to make a human in Little Alchemy 2?

To make a human in Little Alchemy 2, we will first make clay by combining Mud and Stone, then we will develop life by combining Energy and Primordial Soup, and then we will combine both elements (Clay + Life) to make a Human in Little Alchemy 2.

Recipe for Clay in Little Alchemy 2

  1. Combine two Airs to make a Pressure
  2. Earth and Pressure to make Stone
  3. Water and Earth to make Mud
  4. Mud and Stone to make Clay

Recipe for Life in Little Alchemy 2

  1. Two Fires to Make Energy
  2. Two Waters to make Puddle
  3. Water and Puddle to make Pond
  4. Water and Pond to make Lake
  5. Water and Lake to make Sea
  6. Fire and Earth to make Lava
  7. Lava and Sea to make Primordial Soup
  8. Energy and Primordial Soup to make Life

Recipe to make Human in Little Alchemy 2

List of items and combinations to make a human in little alchemy 2
Complete Recipe to make a Human in Little Alchemy 2

Now combine Life and Clay to make a Human.

What can you make with Human in Little Alchemy 2?

Human is a useful item in Little Alchemy 2 as it helps in creating many other items like jobs, Philosophy, ideas, etc.

Some possible items that require humans in their mix.

AlchemistHuman + Gold
AllergyHuman + Dust
Human + Pollen
AngelHuman + Bird
Human + Light
AnglerHuman + Fishing Rod
ArcheologistHuman + Ruins
AstronautHuman + Jupiter
Human + Mars
Human + Mercury
Human + Moon Rover
Human + Moon
Human + Rocket
Human + Saturn
Human + Solar System
Human + Space Station
Human + Space
Human + Spaceship
Human + Telescope
Human + Venus
AstronomerHuman + Telescope
BakerHuman + Bakery
Human + Banana Bread
Human + Batter
Human + Cookie Dough
Human + Cookie
Human + Donut
Human + Dough
Human + Pie
Human + Pizza
Human + Toast
BeekeeperHuman + Bee
Human + Beehive
BloodHuman + Blade
ButcherHuman + Ham
Human + Meat
Carbon DioxideHuman + Oxygen
CentaurHuman + Horse
ChangelingHuman + Faerie
Human + Goblin
ChillHuman + Cold
Human + Ice
ColdHuman + Mountain Range
Human + Mountain
Human + Rain
Human + Snow
Human + Storm
Human + Wind
CookHuman + Campfire
Human + Fruit
Human + Nuts
Human + Vegetable
CorpseHuman + Arrow
Human + Blade
Human + Bullet
Human + Death
Human + Explosion
Human + Grim Reaper
CyborgHuman + Robot
CyclistHuman + Bicycle
Human + Wheel
DemonHuman + Hell
DiverHuman + Scuba Tank
DjinnHuman + Magic Lamp
DoctorHuman + Hospital
Human + Stethoscope
DomesticationHuman + Animal
DrunkHuman + Alcohol
Human + Beer
Human + Wine
ElectricianHuman + Electricity
Human + Wire
EngineerHuman + Machine
Human + Steam Engine
EngineerHuman + Steam Engine
EvilHuman + Pandora’s Box
FamilyHuman + House
Human + Human
FarmerHuman + Barn
Human + Field
Human + Grass
Human + Orchard
Human + Pitchfork
Human + Plant
Human + Plow
FaunHuman + Goat
Human + Mountain Goat
FirefighterHuman + Fire Extinguisher
Human + Fire
Human + Firetruck
FlashlightHuman + Lamp
Force KnightHuman + Light Sword
GardenerHuman + Garden
GlassesHuman + Glass
Human + Lens
Grim ReaperHuman + Scythe
HackerHuman + Computer Mouse
Human + Computer
Human + Glasses
Human + Internet
HeroHuman + Legend
Human + Lightning
Human + Story
IdeaHuman + Light Bulb
KnightHuman + Armor  
LibrarianHuman + Library
LoveHuman + Human
LumberjackHuman + Axe
Human + Chainsaw
Human + Tree
Human + Wood
MailmanHuman + Letter
Human + Newspaper
MedusaHuman + Snake
MermaidHuman + Fish
MinotaurHuman + Cow
MonarchHuman + Castle
Human + Excalibur
MummyHuman + Pyramid
MusicianHuman + Drum
Human + Flute
Human + Music
Human + Pan Flute
Human + Sheet Music
NinjaHuman + Shuriken
OrcHuman + Monster
PainterHuman + Canvas
Human + Paint
Human + Painting
PaleontologistHuman + Dinosaur
Human + Fossil
PhilosophyHuman + Idea
Human + Story
PilotHuman + Airplane
Human + Seaplane
PotterHuman + Clay
Human + Pottery
SailorHuman + Boat
Human + Lake
Human + Ocean
Human + Sailboat
Human + Sea
Human + Steamboat
SamuraiHuman + Katana
SantaHuman + Christmas Stocking
Human + Christmas Tree
ScarecrowHuman + Hay
ScienceHuman + Microscope
Human + Telescope
Human + Universe
SicknessHuman + Bacteria
Human + Sickness
Human + Swamp
SkierHuman + Mountain Range
Human + Mountain
Human + Ski Goggles
SnowballHuman + Snow
SnowboarderHuman + Snowboard
SnowmanHuman + Snow
SoundHuman + Wave
StatueHuman + Medusa
StoryHuman + Campfire
Human + Hero
SurferHuman + Beach
Human + Wave
SweaterHuman + Wool
SwimmerHuman + Pond
Human + Swim Goggles
Human + Swimming Pool
Human + Water
TailorHuman + Needle
Human + Sewing Machine
Human + Thread
TeaHuman + Leaf
ToolHuman + Metal
Human + Rock
Human + Steel
Human + Stone
Human + Wood
VampireHuman + Bat
Human + Blood
Human + Vampire
WarmthHuman + Heat
WarriorHuman + Bow
Human + Sword
WatchHuman + Clock
WerewolfHuman + Werewolf
Human + Wolf
WitchHuman + Broom
WizardHuman + Double Rainbow
Human + Magic
Human + Rainbow
Human + Unicorn
WriterHuman + Book
Human + Pencil
ZombieHuman + Zombie
All items you can make with Human.

Facts about Human in Little Alchemy 2

  1. There are a total of 4 combinations to make Human
  2. You can make 89 additional items by using Human.
  3. The easiest way to create Human is by combining Clay and Life
  4. The difficulty to make Human in Little Alchemy 2 is Easy.

This is all we had on how to make a Human in Little Alchemy 2. Did you like this post please mention it in the comments section.

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