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Trees are the part of our ecosystem that sustains life. We can say that mother nature likes trees, plants, and weeds. They are the source of many important elements that we need to nourish life. Trees grow from plants in real life, however, in this post, I will explain the question “How to make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2?”

How to make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2? with Tree Icon in the middle of the screen.
How to make Tree in Little Alchemy 2?

This post will provide a step-by-step guide to making a Tree in Little Alchemy 2, different methods to create a tree, a walkthrough to make a tree, and ingredients to make a tree.

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So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

How to make Tree in Little Alchemy 2? (Other Methods)

You can make a tree with the help of multiple combinations and different item sets. All methods to make a tree in little alchemy 2 are mentioned below.

  • Big + Plant = Tree: The easiest combination to make a tree.
  • Container + Nest = Tree: The trees hold the nest.
  • Plant + Time = Tree: The plants take time to grow into trees.
  • Plant + Wood = Tree: A plant mixed with wood makes a tree.

Items we need to make Tree in Little Alchemy 2

The easiest method to make a tree is by making Big and Plant first and then making a Tree by combining them. All items that are pre-requisite of the tree are:

Walkthrough for Tree in Little Alchemy 2

The tree is an important item to make in little alchemy 2, It opens a way to make many other items. Some of those items are wood, oxygen, forest, and Christmas tree.

We can make a tree with the help of Big and Plant, We will first make Plant, then we will make big, and finally, we will make a tree with the help of them.

Make Plant

We can make a plant with the help of Rain and Soil; we will first make rain then soil and then a plant.

Full recipe to make a Plant in Little Alchemy 2
Full recipe to make a Plant in Little Alchemy 2
  • Fire + Fire = Energy: Massive amount of fire makes energy.
  • Earth + Earth = Land: A large amount of dry earth is called land.
  • Water + Water = Puddle: A collection of 2x Water is called a puddle.
  • Earth + Land = Continent: The land mixed with the earth makes a continent.
  • Continent + Continent = Planet: Multiple continents makes a planet.
  • Puddle + Water = Pond: A puddle mixed with water makes a pond.
  • Water + Pond = Lake: Water mixed with Pond makes a lake.
  • Water + Lake = Sea: Lakes mixed with more water makes sea.
  • Earth + Sea = Primordial Soup: The organic-rich part of the sea.
  • Air + Planet = Atmosphere: The Atmosphere is the collection of gasses over the planet.
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud: The water vapors in the atmosphere make a cloud.
  • Cloud + Water = Rain: The water inside the cloud results in rain.
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life: The energy provided by primordial soup makes life.
  • Earth + Life = Soil: Earth mixed with life makes soil, as all organic life comes from the soil.
  • Rain + Soil = Plant: The plants need soil and rain to grow.

Make Big

Now, we have plants, and we need to make the other ingredient called the big. The only ingredient we need to make is Philosophy as follows.

Full recipe to make Big in Little Alchemy 2
Full recipe to make Big in Little Alchemy 2
  • Earth + Fire = Lava: The earth spits out the molten stone called lava.
  • Air + Lava = Stone: The stone is the air-cooled lava.
  • Stone + Fire = Metal: Certain stones, when fired makes metal.
  • Stone + Stone = Wall: The wall is the collection of stones.
  • Wall + Wall = House: House is made of multiple walls.
  • Earth + Metal = Plow: A plow is made of metal, and is used on earth.
  • Earth + Plow = Field: The field on the earth are made using a plow.
  • Fire + Life = Phoenix: The Phoenix is a creature made of fire.
  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg: The 2 Phoenix breed to make an egg.
  • Field + House = Barn: The barn is the house on the field.
  • Barn + Egg = Chicken: Eggs in the barn make chicken.
  • Chicken + Egg = Philosophy: It is referenced to what comes first –The chicken or the Egg.
  • Philosophy + Planet = Big: By noticing the size of the planet we can say that there are some big things in this universe.

Finally, Make a Tree

We have the Plant and the Big, now we can easily make the tree by mixing the plant and the big:

Full recipe to make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2
Full recipe to make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2
  • Plant + Big = Tree: The tree is the big plant.

What can you make with a tree in Little Alchemy 2?

We can make multiple items with a single item until we reach all the possible combinations for an item in Little Alchemy 2. The tree is an important item because it helps us to make other items useful items.

All items we can make with Tree are mentioned below.

AshTree + Fire
BeehiveTree + Bee
Bonsai TreeTree + Pottery
Tree + Scissors
Tree + Small
Tree + Wire
CactusTree + Desert
Tree + Sand
Carbon DioxideTree + Night
CharcoalTree + Fire
Christmas TreeTree + Candle
Tree + Gift
Tree + Light Bulb
Tree + Light
Tree + Star
CoralTree + Ocean
Tree + Sea
DamTree + Beaver
DewTree + Dawn
Tree + Fog
Family TreeTree + Family
Tree + Village
ForestTree + Container
Tree + Land
Tree + Plant
Tree + Tree
FruitTree + Farmer
Tree + Flower
Tree + Fruit
GreenhouseTree + Aquarium
Tree + Glass
LeafTree + Wind
LumberjackTree + Human
MonkeyTree + Animal
NestTree + Bird
Tree + Egg
NutsTree + Domestication
Tree + Farmer
Tree + Field
OasisTree + Desert
OxygenTree + Carbon Dioxide
Tree + Sun
PalmTree + Beach
Tree + Island
Tree + Sand
PlantTree + Small
SapTree + Blade
SlothTree + Manatee
SmokeTree + Fire
SquirrelTree + Mouse
SwampTree + Lake
Tree + Mud
TreehouseTree + House
Tree + Wood
WoodTree + Axe
Tree + Chainsaw
Tree + Lumberjack
Tree + Sword
Tree + Tool
WoodpeckerTree + Bird
YggdrasilTree + Heaven
Tree + Immortality
All items you can make with Tree.

Facts about Tree in Little Alchemy 2

  1. We need 28 combinations to make a Tree.
  2. You can make a Tree with the help of 4 different item sets.
  3. We can make 33 additional items with the help of a Tree.
  4. The difficulty level to make a Tree in little alchemy 2 is Moderate.

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