There is no Game: Wrong Dimension. Step-by-Step Walkthrough guide and a review. 2

There is no Game: Wrong Dimension. Step-by-Step Walkthrough guide and a review.

Estimated Read Time: 18 mins

If you are stuck somewhere in the There is no Game Wrong Dimension then you are not alone. Here I have prepared a walkthrough guide to help you beat the game.

Intro Screen of There is no game Wrong Dimension.
There is no Game hanging from strings with red curtain background and Do not click to start written in white below.
There is no game here. Do continue reading.

The There is no game Wrong Dimension is the second part of the first sequel “There is no game” released back in 2015. The original There is no game was a short puzzle game made for Game Jam. The game won the Jam and was very popular, but it was a short introductory game.

Now in the wrong dimension, the gameplay mechanics are the same as in the old game, you can see some references to the first version like the goat, trophy, and many other items and mechanics are the same but the game is now longer and can take about 3 to 4 hours to complete on average.

There is no game Wrong Dimension is not free to play, you have to buy it from the stream in order to play it. Note that there is no unlocked version of this game available and always avoid unlocked versions in order to support developers.

Before continuing the guide please note that this walkthrough guide for there is no game wrong dimensions has spoilers, So please navigate to the area where you are stuck through the TOC presented below.

Table of Contents

There is no game Wrong Dimension walkthrough guide

Official Trailer for There is no game Wrong Dimension.

Chapter 1 – Mise en abyme

The first chapter feels like the jam edition of the game. We can see a reference to goat, Squirrel, and the nut and the same mechanics as seen in the last game. The game persuades you to leave the game and you must be stubborn enough to keep playing the game.

Break the Title

  1. Break the dot and the bar of the Exclamation Mark from the title “THERE IS NO GAME!” to play the beat ball game with the title resulting in ruining (breaking) the whole title.
  2. The narrator will get angry and create a solid title with steel making the title heavy and resulting in a weak rope.
  3. To further persuade you, the narrator will ask you to play “Roshambo” the one with the rock, paper, and scissors. Play it.
  4. The game will cheat to beat you every time you pick a card, pick paper and the narrator will pick scissors to beat you but you can pick the scissors from the narrator’s card and cut the title’s broken rope.
  5. The game will attach a balloon to place the title intact on the screen after you break the title’s rope. But the title now says, “Here is Game”. The “T” of “There is no game” with the screwdriver on the end will break and remain on the screen.
  6. Now drop the “T” 7 times to reveal the speaker icon.
  7. Click on the speaker icon to mute the narrator. The narrator will use his cursor to unmute himself.
  8. Take the narrator’s pointy cursor to pop the balloon and reveal the hidden area behind the title box.

Reveal the Play Button

Open the Door
  1. Unscrew the plate with 4 screws using a screwdriver at the end of the letter “T” to reveal the play button.
  2. The narrator will again stop you by placing the door in front of the play button with a mat saying, “NOT WELCOME”. Under the mat, there will be a key. <Picture of the key>
  3. The door will not open with that key because the key to open the door is on the other side, however; if you navigate to the leftmost side of the game, you will find the menu with the flags attached to the chain and locks on it.
  4. One of the locks will resemble the key (France map), find it, and place the key in it to drop the flag.
  5. Now navigate to the main area (Right side) and place France’s flag under the door.
  6. After that, take the narrator’s cursor that we acquired earlier to the door and drop it off.
  7. The narrator will place the key on the flag, then take the flag out, get the key and open the door.
Open the metal safe lock
  1. After opening the door, the game will add another layer of difficulty which is metal safe.
  2. Click on the red button on the right side of the metal safe to reveal the panel. Here you will notice that 2 cogs are missing.
  3. Now click the left screen to reach the book with “DRAW ME A PIXEL” written on it.
  4. Click on the right page to see “DRAW ME A GOAT” and click again to reach “DRAW ME A COG”.
  5. You will notice the cog with the screw on it, unscrew it to drop it.
  6. Place the Cog in the safe’s side panel. That’s one cog, now we must find the second.
  7. For the second Cog, navigate fast through the screens using arrows until the game shows “Out of memory, please wait…” with a Cog on the left.
  8. Unscrew the Cog with the help of “T” with a screwdriver on the end.
  9. Here you have the second mission Cog. Place the second Cog in the safe, close the panel, and click on the handle to break the safe.
Complete the Loading Bar
  1. The narrator will navigate fast to crash the game and then shows the Loading screen.
  2. The red bar will first go fast, then slow down, after that it stops for a second, and then move backward.
  3. Now tilt the loading bar to the right 3 times to load the game, after completing the bar the narrator will show an error.
Loading Bar tilted on the right.
Tilt the loading bar

Open the Prohibited Folder in Flying Squirrel OS

  1. Now the narrator will take you to the Flying Squirrel fake OS and you will have to get out of it by opening the “PROHIBITED” folder.
  2. Go to the private folder, and a page with “Empty Do not shake” will appear.
  3. Now Open the Music folder and open “Track 02” and then open the Private folder and the EMPTY page will drop due to shaking.
  4. Navigate through the pictures until you reach the last folder marked as 18+. Open this folder and 3 pictures will appear. Open the “JP_MISS” image to reveal the Miss Tokyo image with 3 digits MISS Tokyo private number written on it. Remember it.
  5. Now the game will call, and his contract will save in the “sKite” app.
  6. Now go to the Pictures folder and open “Image 02” to reveal the image of the table with the drawer.
  7. Open the drawer and rotate the image until it’s upside down to drop a key.
  8. Open the trash with the key. Inside the trash is three deleted items a pinball game, a Password note, and a Goodbye note.
  9. Play the pinball, it will say “NO BALLs AVAILABLE”. Take the ball from the right and drop it in the game.
  10. The game will eventually “Pause” and the balls with the score written on them will drop.
  11. You will see the ball with a 100 score remain on the screen. Use it to hit the ball and beat the Hi-score.
  12. A trophy will drop for you, keep it.
  13. To get the password for the clock you must combine the odd number from the id card, the favorite number for the contract, and Miss Tokyo’s private number. This number is different for everyone.
  14. Now open the clock with the password you just found out and change AM to PM by clicking the right leg of A it.
  15. Now you must get the key from the squirrel to play there is no game wrong dimension.
  16. The first part of this puzzle is solved because you have changed the AM to PM using the clock.
  17. Now go to music and open Track 03 to fill the trophy with water that you acquired from the pinball game.
  18. Now go to pictures and open IMAGE 01 and drop the trophy on the tree to grow it.
  19. Click on the tree multiple times to drop the hazelnut.
  20. Now open TRACK 01 and crack the nut with a nutcracker and feed the Squirrel.
  21. The Squirrel will drop the key to get the nut.
  22. Now compress the key using ZinWip 2 times and open the PROHIBITED folder.
  23. Now you will see a program inside this folder named This is Not a Game.
  24. Now the game will move the program randomly on the screen. Try and click the program to proceed further in the game.

The Glitch and Wrong Dimensions

  1. You will now reach the Indian dimension where the glitch first appears, click the glitch multiple times.
  2. After Indian, you will reach the Russian dimension, where the glitch appears again, click the glitch again multiple times.
  3. Now you will reach the Italian dimension in there is no game, click the glitch again.
  4. Do the same for the Chinese dimension.

Chapter 2 – Behind the Scenes

You can go around an old monitor in chapter 2 of There is no Game Wrong Dimension. You can play the scene from the front and the back helping Mr. Holmes and Watson solve the case from the front, but you solve the case from the backend.

Go around the Monitor

  1. You can go around the screen using the arrow key on the left and right sides of the TV.
  2. At the back of the Monitor, you will see a wire Unplugged, plug it in by clicking on it.
  3. To start this chapter, you need to tap on the front screen of the monitor repeatedly to break the screen.

Enter the Mr. Wilhelm House

Get out of the Holmes’s House
  1. Break the peace of hanging glass from the top left side of the screen.
  2. Use the broken glass to cut the punch icon out of the screen to your screen.
  3. Use The Punch to break the window.
  4. Now click on the arrow to go out on the street where Mr. Holmes and Mr. Watson are standing.
In the Street with Holmes and Watson (Get that penny)
  1. Punch the gutter with the help of a punch tool to direct Watson toward the penny.
  2. You will see a new sticker icon appear on the monitor, cut it with the help of broken glass after Watson picks up the penny.
Open the door through the back of the Monitor
  1. You can now open the back of the monitor with the help of the coin you just acquired to see the backend of the screen.
  2. Break the log that is blocking the door using the punch tool.
  3. Mr. Holmes will break the door and enter the room afterward
Switch on the Lights
  1. Go to the backend of the monitor, you will see a broken machine.
  2. Turn the monitor to the right, you will see a letter with a stamp, cut it using a broken glass and lick it with the help of a tongue tool.
  3. Now fix the machine with the help of the sticker by placing the sticker on the machine.
  4. Now go to the street from the front screen, and then go to the backscreen of the street view.
  5. you will see a switch at the bottom right side of the screen.
  6. Press the switch to turn on the lights.
  7. Then go to the front of the monitor.

Detective Game with Holmes

Get the Holmes’s Magnifier
  1. If you go to the backend of Holmes’ room, you will see a moveable wall with a broken rail and you need a piece to complete the rail.
  2. To get that piece, go to the front of Mr. Wilhelm’s home and punch Wilhelm with the punch tool 7 times to get the H letter.
  3. Now go to the Holmes’s room backend and complete the rail with the H letter.
  4. Move the Wall to the right and you will see a screw at the back of the wall.
  5. Unscrew it to get the magnifier.
Call the Miss Voodoo
  1. Now we need to call Miss Voodoo with the help of the number on the right side of the monitor.
  2. Zoom in to Telephone and Dial 555-2368.
  3. Miss Voodoo will give instructions to cure Mr. Wilhelm
  4. Instruction of Miss Voodoo is: There must be a full moon, cover the victim with snow, and then gently place a big cherry on the victim.

Curing Mr. Wilhelm is a piece of cake

Make a cherry
  1. Go to Wilhem’s room, you will see a screw next to the Door.
  2. Unscrew this screw using a penny to get the eyeball.
  3. Paint the eyeball with red color from the back of Holmes’s room.
  4. Now you have your cherry, now we need a full moon and snow.
Get the Ice
  1. Now the second piece of the puzzle is to get the ice.
  2. Go to the front of Holmes’s room.
  3. You will see a look on the floor, Zoom it with a magnifier.
  4. Click on the Red Button under “Dev Only” to open it.
  5. Go underground into the library.
  6. Now move to the back of the library and you will see a Cone of Ice cream.
  7. Lick it with the Tongue tool to get the cone.
  8. Now go back to Holmes’s room and then to the back of the screen.
  9. Now unplug the wire, that we plugged in before.
  10. Then go to the front of the screen and collect the TV ice with the help of the cone.
Color the Half Moon
  1. When you can Miss Voodoo, Watson will move from his place and clear your way to getting the last icon on the Monitor “The Tongue”.
  2. Now go to the back of Holmes’s room and color the tongue with red and green color to make a yellow color.
  3. Now go to the street and lick the moon to make it full.
Finally, Cure Wilhelm
  1. Go to Mr. Wilhelm’s room
  2. Place ice on him using the ice cone
  3. Then gently place the eyeball cherry on him to cure him.

The Escape

Mr. Glitche’s Evil Plan
  1. Now use the bug in the painting to clear the way for Watson and Holmes.
  2. Use the left arrow to go to the street and talk with the glitch.
  3. When talking with the glitch, he will tell you about his evil plan, but before he finishes you will come across the Copy protection system.
Copy Protection System
  1. In the middle of his plan, you will come across the copy protection system.
  2. To solve it you have a wheel with combinations on the left of the monitor.
  3. You can also make a custom combination from the back of the screen.
  4. Use the bug fragment to change the numbers and enter the code.
  5. The easiest combination is Gun and Skull with code 315.
  6. Use bug fragment on 2 to make it look like five and enter the code.
Drop and save them
  1. At the back screen of the street, you will see a Hinge connected to the ground, use the bug fragment on it to drop the floor.
  2. Now when you come to the front of the street, you will notice that Watson and Holmes are dropped.
  3. Go to the Holmes room, then underground, and use the bug fragment on the bathtub.
  4. Now punch the gutter to drop Watson and Holmes in the bathtub.

Chapter 3- The Good, the Bad, and the Princess (Legend of the Secret)

In this chapter of there is no game Wrong Dimension you have to guide the Hero and save the princes to get out of the dimension.

Get out of the Hero’s House

Wake up the Hero
  1. Click on the HOME until it falls.
  2. Now drop home again to wake up the Hero.
Get out of the House
  1. Now drop HOME again multiple times to get the grandpa’s chest and the hammer inside it.
  2. Shrink the Dresser, the key is behind the dresser.
  3. When Hero reaches the dresser, drops home once again to drop the key.

Find the sword of life

Save the Hero from the Hole
  1. Open the bag from the top left of the screen.
  2. Shrink the map with the Hammer.
  3. Put the map on the hole to save the hero from falling into the hole.
 Cross the Lake
  1. You will see two leaves on the lake, the hero can use these to cross the lake.
  2. But these leaves can’t hold the hero’s weight. So, we need the chest from the bottom of the lake to cross.
  3. Move the leaf from the right-hand side to the left, until it aligns with the bottom leaf by dropping the home button on the right side of the screen.
  4. When both leaves perfectly align move them to the right of the screen by dropping HOME on the left of the screen.
  5. Then move them to the left by dropping HOME to the right side of the screen to get the chest.
  6. Now enlarge the leaves with the help of a monocle acquired from the chest.
  7. The Hero will cross the Lake afterward.
Get the Sword of Life
  1. Enlarge the hero to move the sword a bit.
  2. Now Drop HOME multiple times until the hero gets the sword.
  3. Open the bag, Drop HOME ones, and place the acquired sword in the Ticklish Guardian’s mouth to make it a screwdriver.
  4. Now use it to unscrew the sword of life (with 3 lives on it).
  5. Then give it to Hero.

Enter the Dimensional Temple

Defeat the infamous Dark Lord Guard
  1. Make the Hero small using the Hammer, and let the guard drag the hero until they reach the feather.
  2. Now open the bag, and let the guard cut the feather container’s bottom to drop the feather.
  3. Enlarge the Hero to move the Guard to the right side.
  4. Now enlarge the Ticklish Guardian in the bag and tickle it with the Feather.
  5. The leaf will move, you must enlarge the leaf to let the guard stay on the leaf.
  6. Enlarge the guard and drop HOME once to sink him in the lake.
Reach the Dimensional Temple Door
  1. You must shorten the path for the Hero to cross and place the bomb in front of the temple opening.
  2. Make the bomb short with the help of a hammer.
  3. Now make the barrels short for making the path short between the bomb and the temple opening.
  4. When Hero places the bomb at the temple, you must enlarge the bomb and open the Temple gate.

Work your way through the temple

Open the first door in the Dimensional Temple
  1. The hero will stand on the switch resulting in 3 snakes in the temple.
  2. Drop Home multiple times to drop more snakes.
  3. When a snake spawns on the second switch, enlarge it and make the Hero smaller using the hammer
  4. Now drop HOME again to open the door.
Light the Room
  1. The second room in the Dimensional Temple is dark and you need light.
  2. You will see a blow-out stove at the bottom right side of the screen.
  3. Drop HOME to push the stove to the bottom left side of the screen.
  4. Now open the bag and enlarge the sun fragment and use a monocle to light up the stove.
  5. When the stove is lit, use HOME to direct it toward the Hero.
  6. Now enlarge the stove to direct Hero towards the switch with a Moon on it.
  7. At last, take the user back to the second room.
The right combination for the switches
  1. When you reach the first room you will see switches.
  2. You need to make combinations here. The correct combination for the switch is Left, Top, Right, and Bottom.
  3. A key will Drop, pick it up.
4 numbered switches as right, top, left, and bottom.
Correct Combination for the Switches
Defeat the Dark Lord
  1. Use the key you acquired from the switch combinations and Go to the Dark Lord.
  2. When Dark Lord attacks with a fireball, enlarge the fireball and the container at the left next to the pillar.
  3. Do the same with the right container when Dark lord attacks for the second time.
  4. When bomb drop, make them small.
  5. Now when the bombs drop next to the dark lord, make the bottom one small and enlarge the one next to the Dark Lord.
  6. Dodge the spikes, by Dropping the HOME button.
  7. Now the Dark Lord will be stunned. Make him smaller and enlarge the Hero for more damage to the Dark Lord.

Chapter 4 – Free2Play (Legend of the Secret Ultimate Clicker VIP Edition Deluxe 4.2 Free)

This chapter is a lot like chapter 3, but it tells you about the exaggerated reality of free2Play games. You must save the princess to get out of the dimension.

Leave the Hero’s Room

Wake up the Hero
  1. Click on the bed to collect 150 coins.
  2. Buy the Alarm clock.
  3. Wake up the Hero.
Buy the Boats
  1. The Hero should be slow at first, you must buy him boats.
  2. Buy a table and dresser for 200 coins, then buy shop for 250 coins by collecting from the furniture.
  3. Then buy shoes for 300 coins.
Finally, get out of the room
  1. Now you must DLC for 500 coins to continue.
  2. Collect it and get out of the room.

Get the Legendary Sword of life

Tired Hero Solution
  1. Collect 100 coins.
  2. Use those coins to buy Hero Energy from the shop.
  3. The Energy bar of the hero will increase.
Clear the pile of dirt for the Hero
  1. Now you must clear the path for the user.
  2. Let the hero find the chest.
  3. You will see an ad after pressing the stop button.
  4. Use the spoon from the “Crunchy Crunchy cereal” ad to clear the pile of dirt.
Fill the Hole
  1. Now collect coins from the area as much as you can.
  2. Drop coins in the hole to fill it up.
  3. The Hero will pass once enough coins are collected.
Cross the Lake
  1. The hero will find the chest in the area, open it and the ad of the Super froze will open up.
  2. Close it, and let Hero find another chest.
  3. The ad for Minecraft will open.
  4. Click on each letter of Minecraft to convert it to the block.
  5. Now solve the puzzle to get the pickaxe.
  6. Use the pickaxe on the Super Cold ad to get the ice.
  7. Now drop ice in the lake to freeze it.
  8. The Hero will now walk on the frozen lake.
Get the Legendary Sword without paying
  1. Buy the Vintage Sword blade.
  2. Place the Vintage blade on the bag of coins.
  3. Now place The Sword blade on the bag of coins to make it look like a Dollar.
  4. Then buy the Legendry sword from the shop.

On a path to Dimensional Temple

Defeat the infamous Dark Lord Guard
  1. Buy the barrel behind the Guard.
  2. Lower the Bridge and let Hero go to the bridge then raise the bridge.
  3. Now again Lower the bridge before the Hero drop.
  4. When Guard stands on the bridge, raise it to throw him in the air.
Finally, Enter the Dimensional Temple
  1. When the hero tries to enter the Dimension Temple the Season Pass appears stopping the user from entering.
  2. To get 1 million coins, open the RaPappaThePaper ad then buy a bomb when the paper is about to fall over to drop it.
  3. Now go to another ad and give the paper to the other ad to get the drain opener.
  4. Use the Drain opener on the spin when it reaches the million to get it.
  5. Use this million on the season pass.

Open Doors inside the Temple

The right order for the switches
  1. You must try multiple combinations to get the key.
  2. And the game will show the right combination at the end.
  3. The key here is to focus on the energy bar to push the key.
  4. Get the key and open the Door.
Open the door to the Dark Lord
  1. Use the gift Sun Fragment to guide the Hero towards the door.
  2. Now Guide the Hero toward the switch using Sun Fragment.
  3. Now use the barrel to collect money and buy other furniture.
  4. But the ticklish Guardian and then the feather.
  5. Use the feather to tickle the Ticklish Guardian and get the key before the ticklish guardian gets it.
  6. Now use this key to open the chest and get Hammer.
  7. Shrink the Energy bar and the hero will open the door.
Defeat the Dark Lord
  1. Talk with the dark lord.
  2. The Guard will fall on the Dark Lord.
  3. Meat the princess.

Complete the empty map

  1. Go around the map.
  2. After solving it will look like the key.
  3. Use this key to open the lock in the last scene.

Chapter 5 – Loss of Control (Fake Ending and GiGi)

Chapter 5 of there is no game the wrong dimension looks like the ending of the game but it’s not, you must get out of this dimension by replacing the sequence of credits, each credit has different characters, backgrounds, and effects to it. The plot here is to meet the GiGi.

Find and Free Mr. Glitch

Get the pickaxe
  1. Add Buster Chaplin in the “BACKGROUNDS”.
  2. After the scroll, you will reach the bucket and under the bucket, you will get the pickaxe.
Break chain of the “CHARACTERS’ Title”
  1. Add Buster Chaplin in FX.
  2. The chain is weakened there
  3. Break the chain to get a free slot.
Repair the Pickaxe
  1. Replace Buster Chaplin with Backgrounds
  2. Go to the bucket and dip the Pickaxe stick in the molasses.
  3. Now Add Buster Chaplin in Character.
  4. Reach the axe.
  5. Drop the stick on the axe
Free Mr. Glitch from the scene
  1. Add Buster Chaplin to Character
  2. Mr. Glitch is in the old scene below.
  3. Drop the repaired axe on the scene to free Mr. Glitch.

Get Mr. Glitch out from under the sleeping cat

Give a cat some fish
  1. Add My Cat to the backgrounds and Buster Chaplin in the FX.
  2. Scratch the wall from the tearing.
  3. Now add Buster Chaplin in Character.
  4. Get the fish with the help of the toy.
  5. Feed this fish to the cat.
Get the Bucket full of water to free Mr. Glitch
  1. Go to the bucket.
  2. Use Fish bones to break the rope of the basket.
  3. Now Add Buster Chaplin in Characters.
  4. Fill the bucket with water from the second scene.
  5. Now add My cat in character.
  6. Place a bucket full of water on the cat to wake her up.

Help Mr. Glitch out of the locked door

Fill the bucket with water to get the nut
  1. Add My cat in characters.
  2. Drop a Bucket on the radiator to fill it.
Get the nut
  1. Drop the bucket full of water on the nut tree.
  2. Click on the nut to get the nut.
Break the nut
  1. Now add my Buster Chaplin in characters and My Cat in FX.
  2. Use the laser to crack the nut and get the seed.
  3. Give this nut to the animal holding the key by placing Tim Elfman in the characters.
Get the key from UFO
  1. Add buster Chaplin in character, Tim Elfman in backgrounds, and My cat in FX.
  2. Grab the laser and point it toward the UFO.
  3. Break the UFO to get the key.
  4. Use this key to free Mr. Glitch from the Door.

Free Game from the Music

Play My Cat game
  1. Grab the fish spawning from the screen.
  2. Guide the cat to collect all the fish.
  3. Get the medal.
  4. Undo the screw using the medal.
Play Bricks Game
  1. Add Buster Chaplin to Game Design.
  2. Place the wood on the screen to add molasses to the wood.
  3. Now add Tim Elfman to the Game Design.
  4. On game over break the wood in two pieces.
  5. Now use the wood as the left and right controller.
  6. Complete the game by lining UFOs.
  7. Get the key from the door.
  8. Use the acquired key to open the lock to Free the game.
Play the Jumping Game
  1. The person jumps when dropping metal.
  2. Drop the metal to complete the game.
  3. You will get GG at the last.
  4. Add GG in the Game Design to free the Game from Music.

Free GG from the Music

Rotate the cards
  1. Rotate the cards and remember the order.
  2. Now Rotate cards in ascending order.
Place cards in the Slot
  1. Listen to GG’s song.
  2. Enter cards in order with the words. (The actual code)
  3. Order is Zero, Cry, End, Game, Loop, and home.
  4. Then press the Return card.

Chapter 6 – Back Home

Here you finally get back home after roaming through different dimensions, but now because of the Game you get to the creator’s dimension, where you eliminate Mr. Glitch and get together with GiGi.

Love Game

Get L and V of Love
  1. Click on the scissors and cut L from the Pixel.
  2. Now cut V from W of the DRAW.
  3. Complete LOVE GAME on the board.
Don’t Quit
  1. Click Quit, and then no.
  2. Click No continuously
  3. Then find tilted Yes and click no on the back.
Rogue Quiz
  1. 4 is the first answer
  2. Paris is second
  3. The third Answer doesn’t matter.
Key for the Door
  1. A door will drop from the top of the screen.
  2. Pause the screen, and you will get the key from P of Pause.
  3. Mute Game to stop the bubbles
  4. Place the key inside the lock.


Lock from Another Dimension
  1. Unlock the mobile using the hint.
  2. But the hint says, LOL
  3. Type the LOL sequence.
  4. Now place LOL in the Key to open it.
Patch the RPG-GPS
  1. Go to Mail.
  2. Apply Patch_03.
  3. Open the GPS app.
Get the phone password
  1. Enter the wrong password in the home.
  2. You will get the recovery password in the mail.
  3. Use it to open the home.
Play around the scene
  1. Make the temperature colder.
  2. Now prepare coffee.
  3. The creator will drink the coffee.
Wake up the creator
  1. Make the temperature super-hot.
  2. Then use a boost to increase the last 5 degrees
  3. Now open the mail and call the number in one of the emails.

Desktop Computer

Close all the programs
  1. Play Bomb Sweeper to get the bomb on the right.
  2. Now play Super Fireshot and score to get the flame thrower.
  3. Light the bomb with the flame thrower.
  4. The bomb will get rid of all the windows.
Make sure that GiGi gets the transfer
  1. Drop the symbols on the Loading bar.
  2. Mr. Glitch will place the Transfer on the top left of the screen.
  3. Now drop the symbol on the bar at the bottom right.
  4. Take the bar to the leftmost side of the screen.
  5. Drop the cherry on the bar from height.
Save the words
  1. Grab the glitch and don’t let it destroy the words.
  2. Wait for the command to complete.

The Finale (Back Home and Together)

  1. Grab the chain to the left of the board.
  2. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws.
  3. You have alternative endings.
  4. Use Play to get into the game or Delete the Game’s source code.

The End

The game has a happy ending where the Game gets back together with the GiGi. The game provides a good user experience and gives a glance at the daily struggles of an indie game developer. The game tells us an important point, no game is free, and you must pay some price to complete each game.

What lessons did you get from the game?

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