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Major Applications of Artificial Intelligence that affect your daily life

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There are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence from voice-powered personal assistants like Sire and Alexa, to more fundamental technologies like autonomous vehicles, gaming, manufacturing and so on.

Whenever we talk about artificial intelligence, our brain invokes the picture of robots destroying the world. But Thankfully, Machines haven’t taken over yet. Not yet at least. However, it’s seeping its way into our lives and impacting our lifestyle like no other technology ever did.  

So, let’s explore how Artificial intelligence is helping our planet and benefiting mankind.

Applications of artificial intelligence

Some major applications of artificial intelligence

AI has a lot of applications in every field of life, Some of these applications are mentioned below.

1. Astronomy

AI has performed a huge role in understanding and exploring space. Satellites beam down hundreds of terabytes of data every year, and one telescope under construction in Chile will produce 15 terabytes of pictures of space every night. With this large amount of data, it’s difficult for scientists to go through every piece of data on their own, instead, they have trained Artificial intelligence algorithms to do their work for them.

One of the main reasons for using AI in space exploration is speed and accuracy. That’s why it is crucial to process a large amount of real-time data.

Through AI we can explore the universe like never before, without even leaving the earth.

2. Healthcare

There are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare and medicine, whether it’s being used to power surgical robots, to maximize hospital efficiency or to power surgical robots, AI has been very important to the healthcare and medicine industry.

Some major examples of AI in Healthcare are PathAI to diagnose cancer with AI accurately, BUOY Health – An intelligent symptom checker, and Freenome – An earlier Cancer Detector, etc.

AI is evolving in the healthcare industry, and on its path, it is reinventing and reinvigorating modern healthcare through machines that can predict, comprehend, learn and act.

3. Gaming

AI has been an integral part of Video games. From non-Player characters (NPCs) to alternative endings, AI is continuously evolving in gaming. AI in video games is a distinct sub-field and differs from academic AI. It serves to improve the game-player experience rather than machine learning or decision making.

Modern games often implement existing techniques such as pathfinding and decision making to guide the NPCs. It is also used in mechanisms that are not visible to the player, which includes data mining and procedural-content generation.

Artificial intelligence has long been used to simulate human players in board games. Modern chess games can defeat the best human players. IBM’s Deep Blue computer famously beat Garry Kasparov in 1997.

4. Social Media

there are a lot of application of artificial intelligence in social media. It holds the potential to transform how brands create and manage social media marketing and, to serve useful pieces of information to their users.

Facebook uses advanced machine learning algorithms to do everything from serving content to recognizing a face in photos to target users with advertising.

Instagram uses AI to identify visuals

LinkedIn uses AI to offer job recommendations and to suggest people you might like to connect with.
Snapchat uses the power of computer visions, to overlay filters that move with your face in real-time.

5. Personal assistance

AI is playing a huge role in the development of personal assistance.

It is automating everything. From your daily scheduling to your grocery shopping, everything is done by ordering your personal assistance. Personal assistance is helping us to live a more comfortable life. 

Some of the best application of artificial intelligence in personal assistance are Siri, Alexa, etc.

6. Data Security

As cyber-attacks grow in volume and complexity, artificial intelligence is helping security operations analysts stay ahead of threats.

Artificial intelligence in cyber security is beneficial because it improves how security experts analyze, study and understand cyber crime. It helps the cyber security companies to combat cyber criminals and help organizations and customers safe.

IBM cyber security department is paying great attention to cyber security with artificial intelligence.

Some credit card companies are also using AI to help financial institutions prevent billions of dollars in fraud annually.

7. Automotive industry

AI is one of the new keys to success in the automotive industry – from enabling autonomous vehicles transforming research, design and manufacturing processes.

The automotive industry has a long-running track of using the latest technologies to bring efficient, innovative and safe vehicles to market. Today, these technologies include artificial intelligence and high-performance computing – two keys to automotive success.

NuTronomy is creating autonomous technology for completely driver-less vehicles. The company’s goal is to provide autonomous cars wherever they are needed to ensure safer roads, less traffic, and less pollution.

Some other application of artificial intelligence in automotive industry are AutoX,, optimus ride, etc.

8. Robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotics are a powerful combination for automating tasks. Thus, there are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence in Robotics.

While AI is still in its early stages, it’s been a transforming technology for some industries in the manufacturing sector.

Big manufacturing companies are using robots to Assembling, packaging and delivering purposes.

AI robots are crucial for car manufacturing, big machinery and, our daily food items manufacturing, etc. While maintaining the quality and delivering on time.

9. Agriculture

As artificial intelligence is supporting different sectors to boost productivity and efficiency. Likewise, AI in agriculture is helping farmers to improve their efficiency and reduce environmental hostile impacts. AI is shifting the way our food is produced where the agricultural sector’s emissions have decreased by 20%. Adopting AI technology is helping to control and manage any uninvited natural condition.

Today, major agricultural business is adapting AI-enabled approach to increase the efficiency of agricultural production. The market study reports that AI in the agriculture market size is expected to reach 1550 million US$ by the end of 2025. Using AI could detect diseases and climate changes sooner and responds more smartly.

There are not one, but a lot of application of artificial intelligence in agricultural industry.

10. Finance

Like other fields, there are some applications of artificial intelligence in finance. There are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence in finance alone. It is helping the financial industry to streamline optimize process ranging from credit decisions to quantitative trading and financial risk management.

ZestFinance is the maker of the Zest automated machine learning platform, an AI-powered underwriting solution that helps companies assess borrowers with little to no credit information or history.

Some other applications of artificial intelligence in finance are DataRobot, Scienaptic Systems, etc.

11. Entertainment

Artificial intelligence has been used for entertainment purposes. It is helping people to enjoy their life by providing different applications which are Snapchat, movies, games, virtual reality, etc.

AI is also very helpful in showing automated subtitles. YouTube is using auto-generated subtitles to ease its users to understand video content.

Snapchat is using the visual effects to generate filters; these filters are developed in a way that they auto-sync with the movement of the face.

12. Travel and Transportation

AI is a long-lasting companion in the travel and transportation industry. It is helping big transportation companies to come up with the algorithms which save their time and money. Sill there is a huge space for betterment in the transportation industry through artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is used by law enforcement capacities, it can detect over speeding by using advanced analytics and data processing capabilities. It can also help in detecting the drunk drivers and texting behind the wheel and alert any officer within the local area to intercept them.

Driver-less cars are another example of artificial intelligence in transportation.

Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit is a train system that runs without rails, it uses machine learning and AI instead of virtual painted track.
Autonomous Delivery Trucks is another good example of AI in transportation. It will change the way we receive goods.

13. eCommerce

AI in E-Commerce can change the way we search and buy products online. Big companies are investing heavily to implement AI in e-commerce business.

AI can help consumers by using an AI-based product recommendation.

Many businesses are overloaded with unmanageable customer data that they do little or nothing with. AI is an incredible goldmine that could be used to enhance the sales cycle.

Many eCommerce retailers are already becoming more sophisticated with their AI capabilities in capturing attention, and one approach widely developing is known as ‘conversational commerce’. So, these companies investing in creating chatbots to deal and interact with their customers for better conversions.

14. Customer Support

There are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence in customer support – with the primary goal of improving customer experience and reducing human customer costs.

Salesforce believes deploying AI for Customer Relationship Management will increase global business revenues by $1.1 trillion by 2021.

AI can be used to organize email inquiries and solve customer problems within seconds.

Companies can also use AI-Enhanced customer phone calls for purely technical matters.

15. Aviation

AI in the aviation industry is disrupting the way companies approach their data, operations, and revenue stream.

The world’s leading airlines are already using artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, avoid costly mistakes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Airlines and flight operators can reduce their operations costs and overhead by optimizing their fleets and operation with AI-powered systems.

Artificial intelligence can be applied to optimize pricing strategies, increase customer engagement, and to improve overall flight experience.

Facial recognition technology is being used to perform customer identity verification and to match passengers to their luggage through kiosks.

16. Self-Modifying Coding

AI is now being put into programming languages to create a self-modifying group of code. These programs can create updates and patch their errors.

17. Quantum Computing

The use of Artificial intelligence in quantum computing will boost machine learning abilities. This will lead to improvements in the development of prediction systems, including those of the financial industry. However, we’ll have to wait to start these improvements being rolled out.

18. Education

The academic world is becoming more convenient and personalized thanks to the numerous applications of artificial intelligence for education.

AI is helping in education systems by simplified administrative tasks, Smart content, Personalized learning, Global learning and, new efficiencies, etc.

19. Heavy Industry

The heavy industry is using a full protentional of artificial intelligence and machine learning for their benefits.

There are many applications of artificial intelligence in heavy industry, applications are likely to include optimization of asset management and operational performance, as well as identifying, efficiencies and decreasing downtime.

As humans are prone to make errors and they can not work continuously, they have other needs, but now heavy industries are using Artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep their machines running continuously 24/7 without even a single break.

Businesses can expand their production capabilities and meet the demand for products from global customers due to boosted production from this round-the-clock work performance.

20. Military

Artificial intelligence is becoming a critical part of our modern-day military. It will completely change modern warfare. Compared with conventional systems, military systems equipped with AI are capable of handling large volumes of data more efficiently. Additionally, AI improves self-regulation, self-control, and self-actuation of combat systems due to its extremely amazing decision-making powers.

Defense forces are using embedding AI into weapons and other systems used on land, Navel, airborne and space platforms.

Military systems are using AI to protect networks, computers, programs, and data from any kind of unauthorized access.

Artificial intelligence techniques are being developed to enhance the accuracy of target recognition in complex combat environments. It is helping in target recognition systems to improve the ability of these systems to identify the position of their targets.

On the positive side, AI has a lot of applications including quantum neural networks, energy-efficient AI and the role of natural language processing in understanding proteins.

On the other hand, “Deepfakes” are becoming more popular, making it difficult to distinguish between real media from fake media. We may also see an increase in the malicious application of AI – Which has been fundamental in democratizing AI.

There are many applications of artificial intelligence in every field. Many will come soon. All we have to do is wait and see while different companies invest in artificial intelligence.

Which one of these applications do you like? Feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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