Huawei P30 in for a review-Design, Features, Color, Price and much more

Huawei had an excellent event in Paris where the P30 pro was the star of the show with plenty of hybrid zoom and other nice features. The Huawei P30 got the spotlight, but its onstage time was somewhat limited. The phone that some might deter from calling a flagship really has plenty of things going … Read more

What is Artificial intelligence and change in the educational system in Pakistan

While the discussion about how much screen time is proper for children rages on between educators, psychologists, and parents, it’s another developing technology in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning that is starting to alter education tools and institutions and varying what the future might look like in education. Even though most of … Read more

Is UK cybersecurity center too afraid of Huawei or not? What report says?

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has measured the risks of using Huawei’s 5G equipment, and it was found that it is not big deal, Financial Times reported Sunday.  The cybersecurity center’s results have not yet been made public, but FT claims that it found “ways to limit the risks” via Huawei’s equipment in 5G networks. The … Read more

Bahria University official GPA Calculator for the new grading policy.

Bahria university GPA (Grade Point Average) Calculator is for free. This GPA calculator is valid for all courses of Bahria University. Bahria university’s official GPA calculator is upgraded for new grading policy When you are registered in an Undergraduate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s program, your GPA is simply one of the most significant numbers to keep … Read more

Top 5 most strategic technology trends that we are going to see in 2019

Technology trends that will impact industries and customers in 2019 and everyone needs to know. Disruptive technologies determine the way the new year will be shaped. They will quicken and transform many industries at a rapid step throughout the year. They will shape the world and the future and will be present on the prospect … Read more

Samsung galaxy S10 might not be as powerful as Apple iPhone XS

Samsung is going to reveal everything about Samsung galaxy S10e.But like always, so much about Samsung’s next flagship Android is leaked. The latest details say that the Samsung S10e might not be as powerful as Apple XS.The benchmark entry, which is believed to have come from Samsung’s entry-level S10, uncertainly called the “S10e” or “S10 … Read more

Top 10 best laptops of 2019

Shopping for a Laptop is more than just poring over specification lists. Whether you want a simple budget Laptop, a productivity workhorse, or a high-performance machine for gaming, our guide has the advice you need to find the best laptop to fit your needs. Welcome to our article on the best laptops of 2019. While … Read more

Honor Play, The Choice of Wise Gamer.

Honor play – The choice of wise gamers Honor has launched a new mobile phone known as Honor Play. This phone is launched for gaming  purpose with its fast super processor “Krin 970” which allows the gaming experience much bright and cheerful. The  smartphone is loaded with turbo graphic performance GPU, Whose job is to … Read more